About The Arts of John Cutruzzola

Congratulations on receiving the Award of Distinction at the Outstanding Business Achievement Awards. I cannot think of a more deserving individual and company. Brampton is a better place to call home because of you; your passion and your belief in our City.
Elaine MooreRegional Councillor, Brampton
>> Read All TestimonialsFrank Callega in the Toronto Star, September 1998 stated;

“It’s with an artist’s eye that builder John Cutruzzola views the urban landscape around him.

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And it’s with the same eye for form, function and colour that he and the Inzola Group, of which he is president, are helping to inject new life into Brampton’s historical downtown.”

In John’s words in the same article,

“As a builder and resident of Brampton, my view is that money cannot be the total end – my adopted hometown and my Brampton neighbors deserve more.”

In the Provincial Arts Publication STRATA of January 1999 John Cutruzzola stated that,

“Those that have the ability, also have the obligation to create wealth, not necessarily to enrich themselves, but for the benefit of the community as a whole.”

No statement could better summarize the philosophy of The Arts of John Cutruzzola and the Inzola Group.

Paintings of John Cutruzzola adorn the homes and offices of many prestigious citizens and establishments.

Over the last 30 years, John has engaged and participated in multiple exhibitions. John has continued to develop his sense of technique and style. Influenced by Impressionism, John’s landscapes and human subjects are created primarily in oil on canvas or watercolour. His use of texture and dramatic elements of colour and light express a sense of presence and underlying emotion. John continues to explore the aesthetic qualities of his subjects, while addressing their primal and darker elements.

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