4 Steps to Impress Guests with a Paint Night

To some degree, everyone is an artist. Since childhood, who has not loved to put paint to canvas, pencil to paper? Everyone possesses a natural artistic instinct. Their actual talent depends on how they choose to let it out and how much they practice. This instinctual love of art is what has catapulted the “paint night’ phenomenon to popularity. If you haven’t heard of paint night, it is a gathering to create a simple piece together with friends … usually while enjoying some wine and snacks. Art, wine, food … what’s not to like? You may not create the next great masterpiece but you will almost certainly have a lot of fun! Why not invite some friends over this weekend and unleash your inner artists together? Read on to find out just how easy it can be!



What would your guests be most comfortable creating? The choices are pretty much endless. The group can work together to recreate a local landscape, a lush floral still life, or even a simple seasonal project. It can also be fun to suggest a simple, broad theme like “love” or “happiness” and see what everyone creates within the allotted time. Some hosts will guide their guests on their own while others may choose to hire a local art teacher, or student, to assist. Those that are more technically inclined can look into online streaming services like PaintingParties.com



Since most of your guests will be at the beginner level, you will want to choose a paint that is comfortable for everyone to use. Acrylic paint is usually the safest choice for those just starting out. Acrylics dry quickly, mix and clean up well with water, and are easy to paint out and hide mistakes. Acrylics can also be used on just about any surface, so you can paint on paper, canvas, or board.


In addition to a visit to your favourite deli for snacks (don’t forget the wine as well!), you will need to take a quick trip to your local art supply store for the necessities:

  • Canvases – choose canvases that are already stretched and framed
  • Brushes – offer a variety of sizes and textures for experimentation
  • Palettes – most stores offer recyclable plastic versions
  • Paint – be sure to choose many colours for different tastes. Depending on the number of guests, you may be wise to buy larger tubes of primary and base colours

Some other useful supplies include easels, pencils, pastels, stencils, aprons and drop cloths. Make sure your furniture and floors are protected and let your guests know to wear something other than their Sunday best.


Keep the event casual and carefree. There is no wrong way to experience art so let everyone go at their own pace and enjoy their newfound talents.


John Cutruzzola is a fine artist based in Brampton, Ontario. Experience John’s many accomplishments at www.theartsofjohncutruzzola.com