John’s paintings emerge from his personal observations; his sense that the minutes, hours or days within each single event fill the space of one’s entire life.

John has a deep sense of fairness and disdain of injustice. He believes that integrity is a necessary asset for a successful life. By nature, human error is inevitable. However, one should always compensate for the wrongs one does. With the ability to prosper also lies the obligation towards the betterment of the community within.

Consequently, come the restlessness, the search, and the passion of the Artist to capture that moment, the impatience, and the urgency to understand, to implement and to improve.

With no great ambitions of fame or recognition, John does not feel the need to follow the study of one particular subject matter or the practice of one rigidly imposed style. John is free to employ all techniques and mediums to capture and embody his inspirations.