At the NanoGagliato Conference 2015

A few weeks ago, I received a surprising phone call from my hometown Gagliato, Italy; about receiving an award at the 8th Annual NanoGagliato Conference 2015 . They really surprised me and I could not be more excited to be back home and to be involved in one of the most relevant events of the year. It is a real pleasure to be here with all the eminent people from around the world, working towards a tremendous cause to do the best, to help the world. Thanks to the Organizers, thanks Gagliato!

For further information about the history of the event, please click on the link :

JC Gagliato 2015-1
John Cutruzzola receiving the award by the Mayor of Gagliato, Giovanni Sgro and the President of the Region of Cantazaro, Gerardo Mario Oliverio.
JC Gagliato July 2015
“A John for his talent, sensitivity and commitment to the improvement of the community. Affectionately yours Gagliato” July 26, 2015