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Start With the Art: Decorating Your Home

Have you just purchased a new home? Perhaps you’re thinking about redecorating your living room or office? Or maybe you’re looking to style a lakefront cottage that’s been in your family for generations? Before you go picking paint colours and getting overwhelmed with all the decorating options out there (there are endless possibilities!), consider using Read More

3 Reasons Why Fine Art is The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

With February 14th just around the corner, many people are searching for the perfect gift to express their adoration, individual charm, and thoughtfulness to their Valentine. This year, consider stepping away from the usual chocolate and flowers gig by choosing a creative work of art that will match your loved one’s unique personality and style. Read More

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What is Impressionism?

While John Cutruzzola does not feel the need to follow the study of one particular subject matter or the practice of one rigidly imposed style, it is very clear the much of his art is inspired by the Impressionism movement. Let’s explore this revolutionary style in more detail. Bold Beginnings Impressionism made its debut during Read More

Using colour to convey emotion in art

As a painter, John Cutruzzola of Brampton, Ontario, has a palette of colours available to him to create his pieces. Artists choose certain colours for different reasons. Some wish to reflect reality as best as possible, mimicking the colours as they appear in the world. Others choose colours for esthetic purposes, or to create harmony Read More