From Italy to Brampton: John Cutruzzola is a modern day Renaissance man

Brampton Guardian (Dec-4-2015)

Want to own a piece of local history? Discover the art of painter, tenor, and builder John Cutruzzola, a local Brampton resident who brought his passion for the arts from Italy to Canada.

Many of us see pieces of fine art in museums, but very few of us have the opportunity to own them ourselves. Not only does owning fine art decorate your home, but it also shows your love and support for the arts. By purchasing a print or original painting by John you are supporting the arts community as a whole – something he himself is very passionate about.

Taking up oil painting in the 1970s, Brampton artist John Cutruzzola doesn’t like to repeat his subject matters. He lets his surroundings and the mood influence his choice of subject. He’s style is influenced by the Italian Renaissance and Impressionist painters.

During his early childhood in Gagliato, a village in southern Italy, John, while working as an apprentice in construction, dedicated himself to drawing and taking music lessons. Under the tutelage of Maestro Pirelli, John took lessons at the age of 14. He trained in vocal music under a number of teachers including Maestro Sabatino Vacca, Tenor Domenic Sigismondi, and Maestro Vaguif Kerimov. Today, he remains a talented tenor vocalist, who performs at many local charity events and concerts.

As he grew up, his creative pursuits took a setback, in order to work and help his needy family. After earning the designation of Master Builder, John gradually realized that his desires for arts and building could serve his inspiration well.

After working with several master oil painters in United States and in Italy, he attended Sheridan College’s School of Arts to refine and hone his already developing skills. He began painting more intensely. He had no aspirations to become rich and famous, he did it for the simple pleasures it provided.

Using a mixture of techniques, subjects, and mediums, John uses the human body  as a subject and its moods and forms to convey his feelings in his work. His paintings tend to exploit beauty and tragedies, in the various aspects of humanity and nature. His work conveys a message of justice and compassion. His figure drawings are inspired by the frescos painted on the ceiling of the church he attended as a child in Italy – the only place in his small village where he could see real art.

To the casual viewer – John Cutruzzola’s figure paintings share a common style, but not mood.

In addition to figure paintings and portraits, John also has a collection of still life, landscape and architecture elements displayed and for sale in the studio.

He’s latest achievement was winning the Chairs Living Legacy Award alongside his best friend and partner Mr. Bill Kanellopoulos. This award was presented at the Opal Gala on October 28th, 2015. The event was held at Brampton’s own Rose Theatre – where John has graced the stage many times for his own performances. The evening was a great success, filled with laughter, entertainment, friendship, and emotion as honoured guests were treated to awards and video presentations.

John’s passion has earned many accolades over the years.  He has won Citizen of the Year, Art Person of The Year, Business Person of The Year, the SCARBO Award from Art Council Canada, Distinguished Citizen of the Town of Gagliato, Italy, The Legacy Award, and The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.

He is also known for his contributions to many local charities and organizations.

From Italy to Brampton – John has shared his gift of art with many. His work is available for purchase as either Giclée prints or original paintings. If you mention this article when purchasing one of John Cutruzzola’s original Giclées you will receive $50 off. You can purchase online or by visiting the studio. Please contact Grettel Comas at 416-706-3660 for more information.

They are more than happy to schedule a visit to the Art Studio in Brampton to view some of these unique and impressive works of art. Please visit 105 Heart Lake Road South in Brampton to view and purchase some of these unique works of art.


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