Invite beauty into your home: The benefits of owning art

Brampton Guardian (Nov-8-2015)

As a man whose passion has been art and creating for much of his life, long-time Brampton resident, John Cutruzzola understands that one does not simply buy a painting, but chooses one. We buy art for many reasons – to adorn our homes, as an investment, to support the arts community, and so on and so forth.

Men and women like John have dedicated large portions of the life to creating and cultivating art. For some, there is no need to question this purpose – it’s simply a way of life. It’s something within the human psyche that yearns to create. Art defines how we are as people, as a nation, and as a civilization.

We have been creating art for aesthetic purposes since early man started drawing on the walls of caves. Art in all its forms can teach us, can evoke feelings in us, it can calm us, or take us out of our comfort zone. We buy art to feel something, to create a mood in a space – whatever that may be. Images both elegant and jarring can have a place in our lives.

Art has shaped civilizations; the successes and failures of mankind. Owning art can be a status symbol. Art possession defines the culture and the intellect of the person and his social position. It sends a message to all that behold it of the power of beauty, prestige, and wealth. Art is something worthy of taking pride in. Above all art is a human invention. We found new and different ways to express ourselves through various mediums – pigments and brushes, melodies and chords, tools and clay.

Art gives us pleasure. It inspires us. Art evokes an array of emotions that are uniquely human. We are moved by art, riveted by its beauty and by its message.

The Arts of John Cutruzzola can decorate and adorn your home, while also invoking powerful messages and feelings in all who look upon it. This is the true power of art; to be both beautiful and meaningful.

Explore John’s collections of oil paintings depicting human figures, still life, and land and cityscapes. John’s artistic journey began in his youth, when he was a young man living in a small village in Italy. Inspired by the art he saw at church, he became to form his style and aesthetic.

The Honorable William G. Davis, the 18th Premier of Ontario, was delighted to obtain a John Cutruzzola original. He had this to say, “We are looking forward to enjoying the painting that we acquired from you – which someday I will donate to the Art Gallery of Ontario.”

For more information on The Arts of John Cutruzzola, or to inquire about purchasing an original or a print, please contact them today by calling 416-706-3660 or 416-606-2681.

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