Opal Gala 2015 and its Memories!

The Opal Gala 2015, held in October, was a very special night where John Cutruzzola had the pleasure to share with Bill Kanellopoulos the “Chair’s Living Legacy Award” awarded by the Brampton and Caledon Community Foundation.

The red, black and gold colours that prevailed that night, are known for their warm and positive energy; powerful words and glamorous people filled the Rose Theatre in downtown Brampton on October 28, 2015.

Please find below an excerpt from Bob Cranch’s (Board Chair) & James Boyd’s (President) message; key representatives of the Brampton and Caledon Community Foundation.  Their words clearly illustrate the meaning of the Opal Gala and the purpose of the “Chair’s Living Legacy Award”. We also wish to share with you coverage of that special evening with images that will last in our memories, forever.

 “Message from the Board Chair and President”

October is known as being the “Month of Hope”. The Opal is the birthstone for October and represents faithfulness and confidence. Wearing the opal repels evil and protects one’s eyesight.

The Brampton and Caledon Community Foundation (BACCF) has hosted the Opal Gala since its inception in 2002, and continues to use the event as a vehicle to recognize and promote the community activities supported by its fund holders.

Beginning in 2011, the BACCF initiated the “Chairs Living Legacy Award” to recognize and honor residents who have demonstrated a lifetime of “giving back” to their community. This demonstration of “good citizenry” focuses our attention on the human fabric that strengthens while creating capacity and resilience. These unselfish gifts, given over a lifetime exemplifies those chosen for the Award. This year, we recognize a business partnership that was created in Brampton over 45 years ago and whose contributions to the community continues through to today. The BACCF is pleased to recognize Mr. John Cutruzzola and Mr. Bill Kanellopoulos as this year’s recipients of the Chair’s Living Legacy Award…”

On behalf of John Cutruzzola and Bill Kanellopoulos we wish to express many thanks to the BACCF for their recognition and for this amazing organization, as well to all our guests, family and friends for your endless support.


The Arts of John Cutruzzola

collage opal oct 2015


collage 2 opal oct 2015


collage 3 opal oct 2015


collage 4 opal oct 2015


collage 5 opal oct 2015


collage 6 opal oct 2015


collage 7 opal oct 2015