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Start With the Art: Decorating Your Home

Have you just purchased a new home? Perhaps you’re thinking about redecorating your living room or office? Or maybe you’re looking to style a lakefront cottage that’s been in your family for generations?

Before you go picking paint colours and getting overwhelmed with all the decorating options out there (there are endless possibilities!), consider using your favourite piece of artwork as a primary source of inspiration first.

Whether large or small, artwork can make a huge impact on the overall feel of a space, so this should always be your starting point. This means if there is a favourite painting you already own and love or a stunning new piece of artwork you have been eyeing, you will weave your new palette and decorating style around that (instead of the other way around).

Modern, art deco, contemporary, vintage… Displaying artwork throughout your home can be transformational to the entire feel of your space, giving it character and uniting all elements.

To ensure a cohesive feel in your decor, pay particular attention to these helpful tips — and remember to start with the art.



No matter your style preference or theme, you can add panache to any room with a few carefully curated pieces of fine art, paintings or sculptures. Especially if you stick with a similar theme or colour scheme.

Before hanging or placing an art piece in a particular room, ensure its colour palette and materials mesh with the elements or furniture closely surrounding it. It doesn’t have to be an exact match to the style or theme of other pieces of art in the room but should carry elements of a colour or pattern that compliment one another.


At any size, art can jazz up a room when properly displayed, enhancing the fine elements of your home’s character and acting as a reflection of your individual personality and charm. When deciding on where to place a painting in a particular space, consider its size relative to the scale of the entire room or space. A painting hung on a wall over a couch, for instance, should be on a similar scale to that piece of furniture for maximum impact and design balance.

Art can be a conversational piece that evokes feelings, sparks emotions and sets the mood. Choose wisely and you will bring joy for years to come.


John Cutruzzola is a fine artist based in Brampton, Ontario.
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