The Art of John Cutruzzola at Columbus Centre

collage april 17_2015The Joseph D. Carrier Art Gallery at Columbus Centre had been the host, for more than 50 paintings from John Cutruzzola. From April 9 to May 4, the place was filled not only on one, but on three levels with a massive amount of art and giving the impression that many artists were participating, but this was all from the one and only. Mr. John Cutruzzola.

On April 17, a reception was held by the artist himself, at the Gallery. The great people who attended, had the privileged to see Mr. Cutruzzola in concert. Music is another passion for this artist and he was gave an intimate concert of his favorite pieces of opera. Including E-Lucevan, Celeste Aida, Ma-ma and Granada just to mention a few.

The night was surrounded by people of all ages, tasty food, happy faces and various compliments such as “your paintings have the special touches from the big “maestros””. “His landscapes are just amazing, my favorite is the Village of Calabria”. “The opera pieces are incredibly insane, they are masterpieces”.

The gratification of the exhibition couldn’t be better. Two of the artist favorite paintings were sold: “The Clown” and the “Walking Home”. These two beautiful paintings will have a new home and these two great families are very proud of having the art of John Cutruzzola on their walls.

Thank you very much to all the attendees and from now we would like to invite you to the next event and we hope we can shake hands and get a picture together.