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Using colour to convey emotion in art

As a painter, John Cutruzzola of Brampton, Ontario, has a palette of colours available to him to create his pieces. Artists choose certain colours for different reasons. Some wish to reflect reality as best as possible, mimicking the colours as they appear in the world. Others choose colours for esthetic purposes, or to create harmony Read More

Opal Gala 2015 and its Memories!

The Opal Gala 2015, held in October, was a very special night where John Cutruzzola had the pleasure to share with Bill Kanellopoulos the “Chair’s Living Legacy Award” awarded by the Brampton and Caledon Community Foundation. The red, black and gold colours that prevailed that night, are known for their warm and positive energy; powerful Read More

Brampton Guardian

We are welcoming December, the month that exudes happiness, ┬álove and sharing. A month where hugs, best wishes and family reunions fill our hearts and keeps us very busy. A month that increases our thoughts and awareness of keeping peace around the world and helping those in need. Season’s Greetings is here and we love Read More